Grass roots OS

I deal with a fair few vendor products on a daily basis so here’s to list making.

To be fair the Extreme switches aren’t touched that much maybe because they’re too Extreme but most likely because I don’t deal with things connected to them.

Vendor Router OS Donor OS Donor OS Owner Donor OS Website
Juniper Networks Junos OS FreeBSD Internet Community freebsd
Juniper Networks Screen OS n/a n/a
Cisco IOS-XR QNX QNX Software Systems QNX
Cisco IOS n/a Proprietary n/a
Cisco IOS-XE IOS, Linux Hybrid (ASR) n/a
Cisco Modular IOS IOS, QNX Hybrid (6500) n/a
Cisco NX-OS Linux Monta Vista mvista
Extreme ExtremeWARE Linux Internet Community xoslinux
Redback SEOS NetBSD Internet Community netbsd

Update: Since posting this, Juniper have release the QFX series which has Freebsd and Junos running within a VM that sits on top of Centos.