Alternative to right click paste

Before computers were the norm people would literally cut out articles they wanted and paste them onto paper. For the newer generations this must sounds archaic but my first face swap was in grade 1 cutting out peoples faces from magazines and pasting them onto my own crayon drawn stick figures.

For years I’d used teraterm or putty and later settled on SecureCRT as my terminal application of choice. Right click was my default method for pasting until a colleague accidentally misclicked and was stung by a copied line of “reload”. Luckily the router eventually came back with some bruised ego but I wasn’t going to suffer the same fate.

OS Cut Copy Paste
Generic/Apple Command+X Command-C Command-V
Windows/GNOME/KDE control-X / shift-Delete control-C / control-Insert control-V / shift-Insert
BeOS alt-X alt-C alt-V
Common User Access shift+Delete control+Insert shift+Insert
Emacs control-W (to mark) control-K (to end of line) meta-W (to mark) control-Y
vi d (delete) y (yank) p (put)